Famous People associated with Littlehampton

Explore the famous faces of Littlehampton including authors, artists and actors! We’ve collected famous face’s that have a connection to the beautiful seaside town of Littlehampton.

You’re sure to recognise a few of these famous faces!

Ian Flemming

Ian Fleming

(1908-1964), the author of the James Bond novels, was the senior officer within the naval intelligence unit at the Admiralty with responsibility for a Commando Unit, called the 30 Assault Unit, which was based in Littlehampton during the Second World War. The unit led intelligence-gathering raids often behind enemy lines in France.
John Constable

John Constable

(1776-1837), the famous artist who visited and painted here in 1835.
Black and white photos of an RAF Pilot's jacket

Jeffrey Quill

(1913-1996) He was a test pilot who served with the Royal Air Force and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during the Second World War, was born in Littlehampton. He was also the second man to fly the Supermarine Spitfire after Vickers Aviation's chief test pilot, Joseph "Mutt" Summers.
Kitty O'Shea

Kitty O’Shea

(1846-1921), was an English woman of aristocratic background, whose affair with Irish politician Charles Stewart Parnell caused a national scandal in the 19th century. She died in East Ham Road, Littlehampton, in 1921 and is buried in the town.
General Henry Shrapnel

General Henry Shrapnel

(1761-1842), inventor of the shrapnel artillery shell, was a regular visitor to Littlehampton in the early part of the nineteenth century. When he left the army he continued to experiment with ordnance and had a workshop in the town. This was referenced in the name of the ‘General Henry’ pub in Horsham Road. The pub has now been converted to flats.
Paul O'Grady

Paul O’Grady

(1955-), is an English comedian, broadcaster, actor, writer and former drag queen, lived in Littlehampton for a time. He achieved notability in the London gay scene during the 1980s with his drag queen persona Lily Savage, with which he went mainstream in the 1990s.
Coronation Street sign

Trevor Byfield

(1943-2017) He was an actor who lived in Littlehampton from 2002 until his death in 2017. He appeared in musicals on stage under the name Ziggy Byfield. Byfield featured in many popular British television programmes over several decades, some of which included Coronation Street,
A movie reel with "my life" written on the side

George K. Arthur

(1899-1985), was an English actor and producer that was born in Littlehampton. He appeared in 59 films between 1919 and 1935 and won an Academy Award for Best Short Film in 1956 for the film The Bespoke Overcoat.
Benjamin Gray

Benjamin Gray

his wife Eliza Ann nee Emery and an unidentified infant son, from Littlehampton, Sussex, England, embarked for the newly established colony of South Australia aboard the Resource in 1838. This new settlement took the name Littlehampton after Benjamin Gray’s native place in England.
Stanley Augustus

Stanley Augustus Holloway OBE

(1890-1982) He was an English actor, comedian, singer and monologist. He was famous for his comic and character roles on stage and screen, especially that of Alfred P. Doolittle in My Fair Lady, died in a care home in Littlehampton.
Ronnie Barker

Ronnie Barker

(1929-2005), The comedian and TV star, Ronnie Barker, owned a holiday home on South Terrace for about ten years when his children were growing up. Famously he always refused to work in August, insisting on the family holiday in Littlehampton. Sadly his growing fame and television exposure meant that he became easily recognisable, so he eventually had to stay inside while his family crossed the green to the beach. They sold the house in 1978.
Anita Roddick

Anita Roddick

(1942 - 2007) One of the most recent and famous people associated with Littlehampton was Anita Roddick. Anita was a businesswoman and founder of the world-famous Body Shop. Her family, the Perellas, established themselves in Littlehampton and ran the Clifton Cafe near the station.