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Churches in Littlehampton have been present since 1110. As well as places of worship for different faiths, they are impressive buildings and have even been used as a school for local children.

Littlehampton Friends Meeting House, Church Street

This attractive Grade II listed flint building was built in 1835, founded as a Penny School (small, privately-run schools for young children taught by a local woman for a nominal fee) having around 65 students. Over time the school fell out of use and quakers started meeting here in 1952. It became a permanent meeting house in 1965 when the organisation bought the building. 

The outside of Littlehampton Friends Meeting House

St Catherine’s, Beach Road

The imposing St Catherine’s Roman Catholic church on Caffyns Field was designed by Matthew Ellison Hadfield and constructed around 1862 at a cost of £4,000. It was one of five churches founded by Minna, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk to commemorate the Five Holy Wounds, and her late husband Henry, the 14th Duke who died in 1860. The church was enlarged in 1884 and 1904 and awarded Grade II listed status in 1975.

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Old photo of St Catherine's Church in Littlehampton, West Sussex
Old black and white photo of St Catherine's Church, Littlehampton, UK

St Mary’s, Church Street

The current building dates to 1933, however a church has been on this site since around 1110. The first structure was simple and small, that over time expanded with new features and structures added. Due to rapid expansion in the 19th century its condition had deteriorated to an irreparable state. Consequently, a new church was commissioned in 1862 with only its 14th century window being saved. Further modifications came in 1888. The condition of the structure was failing once again within 30 years – except for the tower, the church was rebuilt. During the rebuild parts of much older structures were uncovered.  

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St Mary's Church post 1930's, Littlehampton
Side view of St Marys Church and graveyard in Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK

Littlehampton United Church, Arundel Road

Littlehampton United Church was founded in 1874. The original congregation was joined by the Methodists from Terminus Road and Wick, and the Reformed Episcopalians from New Road in 1980. The original vicarage was destroyed in the blitz (Second World War bombing) on 9th August 1942, killing Reverend Wilfred Leslie Hailstone (54) and his wife Hilda Clarice (49). 

Old photograph of United Church, Littlehampton. Used to be the Congregational Church.
Exterior of the Littlehampton United Church, West Sussex, UK
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Littlehampton Friends Meeting House

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